Computers - The Greatest Passion In My Life

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During my high-school years in Oslo, I became interested in mathematics, physics and later on in programming. After spending some time playing with Pascal and chatting on the IRC, I decided to study computer science at Narvik University College (Norway). There I made lots of friends and it wasn't long before they introduced me to free-software. I consider this to be one of the turning points in my life. Suddenly programming became much more fun, and knowledge began streaming into my troubled head.

That encouraged me to complete the master's program (Visualization and Simulations) at NUC. During that time, I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant in several courses (Unix Programming, OOP, Algorithms and data-structures, Distributed systems, System and network administration) as well as administrating NUC's student server - Hinux.

In February 2006, I moved back to Oslo and began working for CognIT AS - a small company, which specializes in the area of Artificial Intelligence (search & categorization, semantic webs). The company insisted on developing proprietary software using proprietary (non-standard) technology and I decided to leave it.

Currently I am working as a system-developer for Redpill-Linpro - the largest company for consultancy, support and development of free-software in Northern Europe.

Some useless skills...

Programming languages: C, C++, Python, PHP, Java...

Standard libraries: glibc, glib/GObject, pthreads, libstdc++

GUI libraries: GTK+, QT, (free)glut

Other libraries: OpenGL, libxml, libDBUS, QCA, numpy / scipy, matplotlib ...

Programming tools and frameworks: Django, SQLAlchemy, CherryPy, Twisted, fabric ...

Operating systems: GNU/Linux, GNU/Hurd, FreeBSD, OpenBSD


Operating systems: Everything from simply playing with them and testing new features to sticking my big nose in the source code.

Cryptography: Experimenting with different block-ciphers, as well as with ancient ones.


Few of my projects can be found on my GitHub page, while few of my older projects can be found here. More will be added in the future I guess. Writing manual pages and other documentation is not my bag, baby. :)

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