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"The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge." - Bertrand Russell

About Me

Short Bio

I emerged on a cold February day (Friday) as a "Model 1979" in the Regional hospital in Varna, Bulgaria. Despite my suspicions, there is no proof of large shiny objects appearing in the sky at that very moment. Following the family tradition, I was named after my father's father...more

Additional Info

Internet aliases: sgs, Blackmore

Social aliases: Moni

Interests: computers, music, chess, history, training...

Spoken languages: Bulgarian, Norwegian, English, Russian, Spanish (Castilian)

Contact Me

E-Mail: sgs (_AAT_) pichove (_DOTT_) org

PGP-Key - A664 5797 661E 2F47 3DD3 FF06 BCE7 0555 C3BB 08F7

IRC: sgs @ LiberaChat



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